Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Good Eats: Easy Tortilla Chips Recipes

I don't often have tortilla chips in the house but I always have tortillas. 
Here is how to make tortillas into tortilla chips.. not really a recipe, but still helpful!

First, preheat the oven to 250°. 
Then cut up a tortilla into small pieces. They won't shrink in the oven so cut them 
into the size you want the actual chip to be. 

I cut this small sized tortilla into 8 pieces, it worked perfectly with the size. In the bigger size, it won't cut so perfectly, so just try and keep them triangle-like.

Line up the tortillas on a baking sheet so they're not overlapping. The green ones are Regular sized Spinach tortillas. You can see how I tried to keep them triangle(-ish).

Bake until golden brown and completely crispy. 

The green spinach tortillas were thinner and made crispier chips while the regular white tortillas were thicker. I liked having the variety. Different tortillas make different chips so experiment with your favourite.

These go well with salsa, guac, dips, anything!
Look for the Guacamole Recipe coming out soon, have a great day everyone!