Thursday, 15 May 2014

Start Hiking

One of my favourite things to do is go outside and hike now that the weather is so nice! The natural beauty is so incredible

Why Should You Start Hiking?

  • Experience the natural beauty of mother nature- you'll be surprised how much there is to see
  • Get Outside! It's so easy to become stuck in our daily routine but take the time to slow things down and do something for yourself
  • De-stress! The combination of the birds chirping, the fresh air, the animals running around and the preserved nature call for a serious decrease in stress levels. Whenever I get too caught up with what I'm doing just getting outside puts things back into perspective
  • Low cost- other than the cost of gas and maybe lunch, going for a hike is cost-free! Note that you do need to pay for some trails and parks so that they can keep up maintenance but there are plenty of public trails, free to use.

Where Should You Start Hiking? 
Look up trails or parks in your area! A website like has a great list and you can search by difficulty, length, duration, activity or other filters.

Parks Canada or Parks Ontario would have a cumulative list of the official trails in your province.

I'm currently hiking the Bruce Trail which runs from Niagara to Tobermory in little bits in total it's about 1000km (including side trails) and although some people hike it end-to-end it also makes for a great day trip.

Below are some photos from the hikes I've been on over the years.

We even met a friend!
Hope you've been inspired to get out and hike! What are your favourite hiking spots? Comment Below!

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