Sunday, 31 August 2014

School Series: DIY Agenda

Instead of buying an agenda for the school year, I made one! Perks to doing this Agenda DIY are that it is cheaper and 100% customizable. Find out how I made mine:

I went to the Dollar Store and bought a 100 page lined coil notebook. ($1.25) I like this one because it's hardcover and comes with an elastic to hold the pages.

I separated the book into 3 parts. The first part is the monthly calender section.
So for the months September to June I printed out a half page free online printable calendar and glued it on the left side. I kept the right side blank to write any important info for that month.

Here is where I got the calenders from. I printed the Single Half Size for 2014 (September to December) and 2015 (January to June).

The second part is each specific day.  I wrote the month at the top of each page and split each page in half 1 half page per day.

If it was a weekend I drew a little box around it.

Finally,  any pages left over at the end I used for extra notes! 

Did you make an Agenda? Comment down below!

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