Monday, 30 June 2014

Saturday June 28th 2014 - Michael Buble Concert

A couple nights ago my all time favourite artist, Michael Buble, played at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and I was fortunate enough to get tickets. It was the best concert I've been to! (and that being said it was also the first concert I've ever been to). But it really was amazing, no lip syncing and great music. He sounds just like he does on the CDs. I read somewhere that Michael Buble was one of the best live performers and I totally saw why.

                                                                   Opening for Michael Buble was an awesome
                                                                 acapella group called "Naturally 7"

It was a full stadium!

Some of the songs he played included Fever, Feeling Good, Beautiful Day, Home, Cry Me A River, Everything, Who's Lovin You, Come Dance With Me among others. 

Such a great night! He's an amazing performer and I would totally go see him again.

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