Sunday, 2 March 2014

Start Spring Early

Start Spring Early

Start Spring Early by emilychristine-143 
To find out the brand of each item click the above link. It will lead you to my Polyvore account with more of my fashion and beauty sets.

I definitely have Spring Fever, but with the weather being so cold outside it's to early to pull out all of my warm-weather clothes.. or is it? Above shows 3 way to "Spring Up" your looks.

Colour- The first look (farthest to the left) shows how colour can make a huge difference. The bright coral sweater pulls focus and the gold flats keep it fresh supposed to wearing boots. But you still stay nice warm with the leggings and the sweater.

Trends- Start playing around with some trends for spring. This look (the middle) shows a pastel pink crop top. Although the shirt is tight and shows a lot of skin, it balances out with the extra long cardigan and boyfriend jeans. I paired it with the brown ankle boots to keep it appropriate for the time of year.

Accessories- This is probably the easiest way to edit an outfit (farthest to the right). To the basic t-shirt and jeans I've added a statement mint bib necklace with a gold watch and gold rings. Instead of mint you could do pink, lavender or coral. Also I added white tennis shoes instead of boots to once again, freshen it up.

Notice how both jeans are rolled up ever so slightly? I do this to all of my jeans in the warmer weather. Roll them up ever so slightly just on the ankle, not too much.

What is your favourite outfit? Comment below!

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